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Internet Value incubates internet and technology companies globally. We provide deep operational support to entrepreneurs and help to build market-leading companies. We build and develop internet and technology companies, carry out operational as well as strategic invests and help companies scale internationally. Internet Value focuses predominantly on industry sectors in the fields of technology and retail services that make up a significant scalable growth: Artificial Intelligence & Software and Consumer Services & Products. Internet Value’s selected companies are active in a large number of countries in Europe and around the world.


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We seek to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate their originality and play to their strengths. Through all phases of growth, our mission to support unique founders with unique strategy as they take the seeds of promise and grow them into valuable, enduring companies.


To realize goals and potential it is crucial to start incubating key structures and people early, in a pro-active way. We empower and enable our partners to do so in order to have our portfolio develop the right habits and competences early on. We anticipate growth and help setup companies to be ready for it.

In it for the long run


Our company developments are emotional developments as well. We are techies at heart. With decades of experience from developing software and growing businesses. Based in Germany, with a deep-rooted respect for our local founders, together we scale heights and transcend borders.


We know that the path to become a global player often takes longer than planned. We believe that integrity, a sense for continuity and trusting relationships are essential factors in creating lasting success. We look for similar thinking and long-term commitment in the entrepreneurs we partner with.

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We invest in smart people solving difficult problems. Every single aspect of our firm is focused on helping gamechanging founders succeed. It is our claim to building businesses that rewire the world for the better, for as many people as possible. We do believe that our method should outperform, and we also believe it’s the shortest route to sustained value. So, we will continue to invest in very talented entrepreneurs who are pursuing ambitious, challenging tasks. We will treat them with respect and engage for the best.



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